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Text Regression

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!pip install autokeras

Social Media Articles Example

Regression tasks estimate a numeric variable, such as the price of a house or a person's age.

This example estimates the view counts for an article on social media platforms, trained on a News Popularity dataset collected from 2015-2016.

First, prepare your text data in a numpy.ndarray or tensorflow.Dataset format.

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

# converting from other formats (such as pandas) to numpy
train_df = pd.read_csv("./News_Final.csv")

text_inputs = df.Title.to_numpy(dtype="str")
media_success_outputs = df.Facebook.to_numpy(dtype="int")

Next, initialize and train the TextRegressor.

import autokeras as ak

# Initialize the text regressor
reg = ak.TextRegressor(max_trials=15) # AutoKeras tries 15 different models.

# Find the best model for the given training data, media_success_outputs)

# Predict with the chosen model:
predict_y = reg.predict(predict_x)

If your text source has a larger vocabulary (number of distinct words), you may need to create a custom pipeline in AutoKeras to increase the max_tokens parameter.

text_input = (df.Title + " " + df.Headline).to_numpy(dtype="str")

# text input and tokenization
input_node = ak.TextInput()
output_node = ak.TextToIntSequence(max_tokens=20000)(input_node)

# regression output
output_node = ak.RegressionHead()(output_node)

# initialize AutoKeras and find the best model
reg = ak.AutoModel(inputs=input_node, outputs=output_node, max_trials=15), media_success_output)

Measure the accuracy of the regressor on an independent test set:

print(reg.evaluate(test_text, test_responses))