This package is developed by DATA LAB at Texas A&M University and community contributors.

Main Contributors

Haifeng Jin: Designed and developed the overall framework. Implemented Bayesian optimization and network morphism. Develop the pytorch backend.

Qingquan Song: Developed the keras backend. Implemented the tabular data classification and regression module. Wrote the getting started tutorial.

Tsung-Lin Yang: Implemented ResNet and DenseNet Generator. Support Google Colab, and Multi-GPU training. Refactored CnnModule interface. Added accurate Timeout control support.

Yashwanth Reddy: Created MLP and CNN module. Created pretrained model for face detection.

Satya Kesav: Supported multiple dimensions of image (e.g. 1D, 3D Convolution) and processing datasets having arbitrary image sizes Developed the BERT based Natural Language API for AutoKeras, including two pretrained models of sentiment analysis and topic classifier. and generic modules for text classification and regression.

Xia "Ben" Hu: Project lead and maintainer.