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Auto-Keras Docker

Download Auto-Keras Docker image

The following command download Auto-Keras docker image to your machine.

docker pull haifengjin/autokeras:latest

Image releases are tagged using the following format:

Tag Description
latest Auto-Keras image
devel Auto-Keras image that tracks Github repository

Start Auto-Keras Docker container

docker run -it --shm-size 2G haifengjin/autokeras /bin/bash

In case you need more memory to run the container, change the value of shm-size. (Docker run reference)

Run application :

To run a local script using Auto-Keras within the container, mount the host directory -v hostDir:/app.

docker run -it -v hostDir:/app --shm-size 2G haifengjin/autokeras python

Example :

Let's download the mnist example and run it within the container.

Download the example :

curl --output

Run the mnist example :

docker run -it -v "$(pwd)":/app --shm-size 2G haifengjin/autokeras python /app/